Workshop: Intro to Docker & Containers

This fast-paced hands-on workshop will take you from Docker 101 to an understanding of how to use Docker Compose for easy local Mura development. You'll learn which Docker edition is right for you and your laptop OS, and get it working in the workshop (if you don't already have it). Bret will teach you some basic "daily docker commands" for working with software on your machine. You'll get plenty of background on the "what, why, and how" on Docker for development while getting your hands dirty running and managing containers.


This is a 100% instructor-guided hands-on workshop, so bring your laptop. Please have Docker installed and these requirements downloaded to save time and be kind to the wifi! If you have any issues or questions before, ask in chat

You'll want different editions depending on your machine OS:

(if you get stuck, more install info in the slides)

Clone the Mura repo:

git clone --depth 1

Download images you'll need:

docker pull ubuntu
docker pull blueriver/muracms
docker pull mysql
docker pull redis
docker pull jpetazzo/trainingwheels
docker pull python
docker pull ruby:2.1
docker pull ortussolutions/commandbox