Storytelling: Digital's Most Disruptive Hack

After 30+ years in branding and advertising, and 20 years running his own agency, Park Howell realized that advertising just didn’t work anymore. Especially for him. Where brands used to own the influence of mass media, technology has changed all of that. Now the masses are the media and they own your brand story, providing you can get them to notice you in the first place. In this immersive keynote presentation, you’ll:

  • Experience why storytelling is more important now than ever to rise above the digital noise and connect with an increasingly lonely and alienated customer
  • Learn a proven system to craft and tell compelling human impact stories on any platform
  • Clarify your personal brand story to amplify your impact and simplify your life

Plus, you’ll appreciate why artificial intelligence will never replace the humanity, meaning and wisdom found in true stories well told online or off. 

Story on!